HyperDog's Private Laboratory of Pottery
Welcome to my homepage.

Hello, I am HyperDog. I live in Japan close to Tokyo. Since September 1997, I'm a holiday potter. I'm crazy about clay, glaze and everything on pottery.
I would like to hold an exhibition of pottery together with pals of the world in two or three years.

My 1st group exhibition
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- This lab's two championships -
in color
in figure
The 2nd championship thtat@I made it with the color that you appointed. The 2nd championship thtat I made it which was drawn to the picture.
RAKU SUMMIT on November 23, 24th 2003 at Seto in Japan

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I also make tombo-dama(glass beads).
Link(s) :
Pottery-tech Wali Hawes Great ceramic(especially Raku) artist and more
‚R‚f‚`@@@@Three artists, who are family, website
Invitation to KazeGama Pottery@@@@Ogawa Hirohisa New!
e mail ; hyperdog@pc.highway.ne.jp
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